Who will be crowned champion of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 Final?

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    In just one more week, on November 1, Top 10 teams from the Qualification round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 will gather in Hanoi to participate in the Final round. With achievements on the CTF international stage and in the Qualification round in August of teams, it is not easy to answer the question: Who will be the best candidate for the champion of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018?

    Top 1 of the Quals, coconutcoffee from Korea is a brand-new name on the CTF arena. WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 is the first CTF contest that coconutCoffee has participated in. However, it is quite admirable that in the Qualification round, most of the time, coconutCoffee always took the lead on the Scoreboard and in the end won the champion. With such first-time performance, "newcomer" coconutCoffee is the heavyweight candidate for the championship. Also from Korea is JustToPlay, a very new name on the international CTF rankings. In spite of little experience in battles, the ability of JustToPlay cannot be disregarded.

    dcua, the team from Ukraine is the familiar name of WhiteHat Grand Prix. In all four times organized globally, the contest saw the name of dcua in the top 10: in 2015 - Top 7, 2016 - Top 5, 2017 - Top 8 and 2018 - Top 2. In this year Qualification round, dcua expressed the level of CTFtime Top-4 when for many times, they won the lead and only lost to Top 1 with just a few points. In the international CTF arena, dcua is the team with the longest history when participating in CTF contests since 2012 with a total of more than 340 CTF contests, winning the champion for 39 times. Having lost the championship for 3 times, will dcua change the history in the Final round this time?


    p4team, LC1BC, perfectblue are currently in the Top 10 on the CTFtime rankings. All three teams have participated in hundreds of CTF contests of all sizes all over the world and won quite a lot of awards and high rankings. In the Qualification round, perfectblue joined the contest pretty soon and was always in the Top 10, while p4team, LC1BC had slow and solid steps, which were enough to help them in the Top 10 for the Finals.

    p4team perfecblue LC1BC

    pwndevils is a team from the US. Despite just participating in this year WhiteHat Grand Prix, pwndevils was so excellent to rank the 3rd in the Qualification round. Most of the time of the contest, pwndevils was always standing right below Top 1 coconutCoffee.

    Of 10 teams to the Final round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 are 3 teams from Viet Nam: ACEBEAR, Injocker10Kr3s0L. They all are quite new names on CTFtime when only participating in just a few CTF contests. However, all three teams were so excellent to surpass more than 700 teams to be in the Final.


    It can be said that the Final of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 will be the "match" between the "emerging stars" and the "recognized stars" in the CTF arena. The emerging stars are coconutCoffe, JustToPlay, ACEBEAR, Injocker10K and r3s0L, who just join a few CTF contests. Meanwhile, the recognized stars are dcua, LC1BC, p4team, pwndevils, perfectblue, who have quite high achievements on the CTFtime rankings, even in the Top 10. Who will win the championship is still hard to guess and the opportunity is divided equally for all teams.

    In the Final Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018, for the first time in Viet Nam, the challenge of overcoming vulnerabilities on IoT devices has been put into a cyber security contest.

    In the first part of the contest, each team will be provided with a real-world network of IoT devices such as routers, Wi-Fi modems, surveillance cameras, central control systems, and endpoint equipment,etc. The task is to overcome the security vulnerabilities that exist on IoT devices and score points after each challenge. This requires team members to update the latest security vulnerabilities, as well as possess full capabilities related to remotely analyzing network vulnerabilities, reverse engineering. Then, teams will continue with the part of Attack/Defense onsite. Two parts of the contest will last for eight hours from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on November 1, 2018. Details of the Final round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 will be reported at WhiteHatVN.com.