Result off cyber security whitehat contest 12

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    Dear members,

    After 24 hours of attractive and aggressive competition, WhiteHat Contest 12 officially finished at 02:00 UTC, Sunday Sep 11th2016. The Organizer of WhiteHat Contest 12 would like to announce the result of the contest as follows:
    • 1st Prize : 217 (Taiwan) - 30 million VND (appx. 1340 USD)
    • 2nd Prize : MeePwn (Vietnam) - 5 million VND (appx. 225 USD)
    • 3rd Prize : BabyPhD (Vietnam) - 3 million VND (appx. 135 USD)


    WhiteHat Contest 12 – The cyber security contest is organized by WhiteHat

    Format: Participating in team, the number of members is not limited

    Time: 02:00 UTC Saturday September 10th 2016 - 02:00 UTC Sunday September 11th 2016

    Login address:

    Contents: CTF Jeopardy including Reverse, Pwnable, Web, Crypto, Forensic

    The Organizer is really thankful to members and cyber security lovers for paying attention to the contest; to teams from Vietnam and other countries all over the world for devoting attractive competition during 24 hours. We hope you gain useful knowledge after the contest.


    WhiteHat Forum Admin Team


    Organizer highly appreciate winning teams as well as members to share your information for Writeup WhiteHat Contest 12 at box Writeup Contest.

    Winning teams please send your information (Full name, Email, Phone number) to email [email protected] or inbox Organizer to receive the prizes.

    Within 07 days since this announcement (excluding holidays, Saturday, Sunday), if teams do not contact with Organizer, the prizes will be retained for other programs of WhiteHat.