[Finished] WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018: The Qualification Round

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    WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018: The Qualification Round

    • The Organiser would like to thank the participation of all teams. WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 has attracted a record number of entries with 720 teams from 79 countries, including 574 international teams and 146 Vietnamese teams. Especially, Dcua, p4team, LC1BC, and 0daysober are 5 teams in the Top 10 of CTFTime.

      The official results will be released by the Organiser on August 20th, 2018. Finalists will be required to submit write – up to the Organiser.

    • 02:00 UTC The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 has finished. The temporary result of top 10 teams joining the Final Round is as follow (countries in alphabet):

      Note: The official result of The Qualification Round shall be available next Monday. The temporary result may change

      France: 0daysober
      South Korea: coconutCoffee
      Poland: p4team
      Russia: LC1BC
      Ukraine: dcua
      United States: pwndevils, perfectblue
      Vietnam: ACEBEAR, Injocker10K, r3s0L

    • 01:55 UTC Only 5 minutes left. We are sticking our eyes to the scoreboard, afraid of losing any suprise. ACEBEAR, Injocker10K, r3s0L and CLGTftMeePwn, which team shall name themselves in the Final Round? Let's see!

    • 01:40 UTC There are currently 4 Vietnamese team among top 10. If the final result does not differed from this, the lowest Vietnamese team shall be dropped. None of them want to be in the situation.

    • 01:40 UTC Last 20 minutes. The race is getting hotter. The gap between dcua and coconutCoffee is now only 150 points. While CLGTftMeePwn made a huge breakthrough to top 10, ACEBEAR jumped from 8th to 4th. The race is getting hype. Will there be any unbelieveable breakthrough coming?

    • 01:30 UTC Last 30 minutes. CLGTftMeePwn has made a huge suprise, showing off the power of the champion. The team has continuously submitted flags and risen to 13th.

    • 01:20 UTC ACEBEAR from Vietnam, the familiar face in WhiteHat GP contests, has just successfully submit Re02 to jump from 11th to 7th.

    • 01:10 UTC Lostas has just continuously submitted flags of re04 and re01 and climbed to 17th. The hope is still high for the team from Vietnam to enter top 10.

    • 01:00 UTC 60 mins left. It seems that teams are staying slient to do the last race on scoreboard in last minutes. Things going stable here.

    • 00:50 UTC Currently, among top 10 scoreboard, there are 2 teams from Korea, 2 from Vietnam, 2 from the US. France, Poland, Ukraina and Russua, each has 01 team in top 10.

    • 00:35 UTC The Organzier has just updated new hints for Re08 and Misc04.

    • 00:20 UTC This year, the Organizer opened all challenges much earlier. Thus, teams must have had time to plan their own perfect strategy to effectively solve as much challenge as possible. Will there be any suprise in last minutes of this Round when 2 challenges remain unsolved.

    • 24:00 UTC Less than 2 hours till the end of The Qualification Round of WHGP2018. dcua is showing off the quality of their 3rd place on CTFTime by narrowing the gap with the first place from 1,000 points to nearly 400 points. The competition between dcua and coconutCoffee yet to reach the hype.

    • 23:50 UTC The tight gap between teams in top 15 can be filled at any time. A successful submission can totally change everything. Nearly 24 hours have passed, the air is still hot. There are still alot of comments and requests from teams on Slack.


    • 23:30 UTC Just minutes later, dcua could no longer stay still, the team successfully solved Web03 and returned to 2nd place. The Top 10 race is still going on, a ticket to Hanoi is hotter than ever. There is still hope for each team.

    • 23:25 UTC LC1BC - staying at 6th place on CTFTIme - have successfully submit Re07 and occupied the 2nd place of 0daysober.

    • 23:20 UTC The true challenges are Misc03 and Re08, yet to be sloved by any team. Let see which team shall be the first to make a breakthrough.

    • 23:00 UTC There is a small race of submitting flags among Top 10 teams, leading to the countinuous position exchanging. pwndevils have just submitted pwn01 and pwn02 at a time, pushing dcua down to 4th place.

    • 22:45 UTC 0daysober is the first team to successfully solve mic02, occupying the 2nd place of dcua. coconutCoffee is quite relax at the 1st place with 1000 points higher.

    • 22:25 UTC JustToPlay, a rather new name from Korea, has just solved Re07. The team is temporily holding 7th position on WHGP2018 scoreboard.

    • 21:50 UTC The 20th hour of the Qualification Round, 704 teams from 79 countries and territories have joined the contest. Among them, 355 teams have carved their names on WhiteHat GP 2018 scoreboard.

    • 21:20 UTC coconutCoffee has beaten re07. They are adding even more cement to their 1st position. 0daysober and dcua are 2nd and 3rd alternately. At the moment, Top 10 is welcoming new member - HATSSG from Singapore.

      The Story of Waiting-For-Husband Mountain

      Once upon a time, there was a poor couple who had an 11-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter. One day, the brother accidentally left a scar his sister’s head while parents were away. So afraid of what he had done, he escaped and then was adopted by a fisherman in the coastal area of Binh Dinh.

      Later, the brother got married and had a child, living by fishing. Then, through the scar on his wife’s head, the brother discovered that his wife was his sister. So painful, the brother went to the sea and never came back. From the day of his departure, in ignorance of the truth, his wife waited for him with patience and resignation. Every afternoon, she took her son in her arms and climbed up the mountain at the gate of the sea looking out for the return of her husband. She made the same gesture for entire years. Then, she was changed into rock and immobile in her eternal wait.

      That rock is still on top of the mountain at the De Gi seagate of Phu Cat, Binh Dinh province. This mountain is known as “Nui Vong Phu” or The Mountain of the Woman who is waiting for her husband.

    • 21:00 UTC The Qualification Round of WhiteHat GP 2018 shall end in next 5 hours. The current Top 10 teams of WHGP 2018 includes 4 teams from Vietnam. The 1st and 2nd positions are still belong to teams from Korea and Ukraine.

    • 20:40 UTC coconutCoffee has successfully solved Pwn03, adding cement to their 1st positiion. Pwn03 has opened "Sue God for rain" legend.

      Sue God for rain

      This legend explains why every time Toad grinds his teeth, sky has rain. The legend also honors the unity and justice.

      Once upon a time, there was no rain for long, long time. Rivers had no water, the ground cracked all over, all plants withered, and animals had to suffer from thirsty. Witnessing this, there was a toad that tried to find way to the heaven to sue God and requesting for rain on the earth to save all species. He departed his trip and on the way to the heaven he was supported and followed by a crab, a bee, a fox, a bear and a tiger. Under the Toad’s command, his group won the heavenly soldiers. This made the Jade Emperor to order a Black Dragon to spray rain and bring the group back to the earth. The rain saved all species. Since then, whenever Toad grinds his teeth, rain will come. That’s why there is a Vietnamese saying:

      Toad is God’s uncle
      You beat Toad, God beats you.

    • 20: 20 UTC The Organizer has informed that Web04 is now replaced by Re02. Teams that solved Web04 shall have their score unchanged.

    • 19:48 UTC dcua, top 3 CTFTime, is showing their braveness by jumping to 2nd position. Is the team from Ukraine showing their determined effort in getting the ticket to Hanoi in October.

    • 19:15 UTC The top-3 teams from bottom-up change every minute. For now, pwndevils has entered the top 10. Let see whether the team from the USA can keep their Top-10 position on WhiteHat GP 2018 scoreboard.

    • 18:45 UTC: It hards to say anything with the new scoring method. The position in Top 10, especially Top 5 has swapped continously. CoconutCoffee consolidates their 1st place with 1 more successful submission, following by Injocker10K and LC1BC. Dcua is gradually moving up the rankings on the Scoreboard while they have just risen to No.4. perfectblue temporarily stayed at No.5.

    • 18:30 UTC: The minimum score for Web01,Re01 and Re06 is 100. It means that there were many teams successfully submit for these challenges. However, the Organiser still not receive any submission of Misc03, Re07 and Re08 challenges.

      Hope that all teams will try their best to conquer challenges given by the Organiser and continue to explore the Legends of Vietnam.


    • 18:20 UTC: coconutCoffee has successfully solved Re03, opened the legend of ‘The story of One Pillar Pagoda’, also known as Dien Huu Pagoda, a temple in the heart of Hanoi Capital. This Temple has a unique architecture in Vietnam.
      [The story of One Pillar Pagoda

      Long time ago, in the Ly dynasty, King Ly Thai Tong was a devout Buddhist of the Vo Ngon Thong faction. The King commanded to build 95 new pagodas and restore all the Buddha statues and during these great events, the King exempted all his people from taxes.

      In 1049, one day the King had a dream of Goddess of Mercy who brought him to a dazzling tower of lotus. Upon waking up, the King told his court about the dream. Thuyen La monk discussed the King to build a pagoda to remember the grace of Goddess of Mercy.

      Dien Huu Pagoda was built in form of lotus, on top of a unique pillar in the middle of a pond full of lotus near the Capital. The pagoda had a special architecture under Dai La’s art of the Ly dynasty, so-called the One Pillar Pagoda. Nowadays, the pagoda still stands in the ancient capital of Thang Long, recording the virtual meeting between a devout King with the East Asian bodhisattva.]

    • 18:00 UTC: The updated result from the Scoreboard receive the submission from ‘acquaintance’ from Vietnam – CLGTftMeePwn. It seems that now is the time of WhiteHat Grand Prix Champion 2017. They are currently ranked at 43 on the Scoreboard, but certainly their position will change.

      At the moment, beside dcua, Top 10 also has the present of Top 6 CTFTime 0daysober at the 8th place with 1850 points.

    • 17:00UTC: Injocker10K has just successfully submitted Pwn03 to open the legend ‘Sue God for rain’, confirmed its leading position on Top 10. Perfecblue failed to keep their 2nd place, temporarily dropped to No.4, create a chance for LC1BC and CoconutCoffee to stand in Top 3. Top 10 also has the present of Top 3 CTFTime dcua from Ukraine.

      [Sue God for rain

      This legend explains why every time Toad grinds his teeth, sky has rain. The legend also honors the unity and justice.

      Once upon a time, there was no rain for long, long time. Rivers had no water, the ground cracked all over, all plants withered, and animals had to suffer from thirsty. Witnessing this, there was a toad that tried to find way to the heaven to sue God and requesting for rain on the earth to save all species. He departed his trip and on the way to the heaven he was supported and followed by a crab, a bee, a fox, a bear and a tiger. Under the Toad’s command, his group won the heavenly soldiers. This made the Jade Emperor to order a Black Dragon to spray rain and bring the group back to the earth. The rain saved all species. Since then, whenever Toad grinds his teeth, rain will come. That’s why there is a Vietnamese saying:

      Toad is God’s uncle

      You beat Toad, God beats you.]

    • 17:00 UTC: The Top 10 teams from the online qualifier will be invited to compete in the onsite Final Round in Hanoi, Vietnam (expected to be in mid-October). All travel expenses, accommodation fees and a tour of 4 members (at minimum) of each top-10 team for joining the Final Round will be covered by the Organizer.

      Top 10 on the Scoreboard has changed constantly. However, Top 3 still belong to Injocker10K (Vietnam), perfectblue (USA) and LC1BC (Russia).

    • 16:00 UTC: Another team from Vietnam – Injocker10K has just won the ‘Top 1’ when successfully submitting Misc04 to open the legend of ‘Xoan Singing’, raising the total score to 2330 points. The second and third place on the scoreboard belong to Perfectblue (USA) and LC1BC (Russia).
      Many great legends of Vietnam have been opened after each team successfully submit the challenge such as The Legendary Origins of the Viet People, Chu Dong Tu – Tien Dung, Thanh Giong,… There are many others legends waiting for teams to explore. Let’s wait and see in the next few minutes of the ‘game’.

    • 15:50 UTC: Vietnam is now at the midnight, but the Vietnamese teams are still conscious of the race to compete with international teams, especially ‘rivals’ from countries with techonology development such as the USA, Russia,…

      After many efforts to submit, OpenToAll (Vietnam) has recovered their position on the Top 3 with the score of 1930. Perfectblue has also successfully submitted Misc02 and added points to their team, strengthened their 1st place in the scoreboard.

    • 15:30 UTC: With the new scoring method, the score of teams have changed constantly. This is the highlight of this year’s competition.

      Top 3 on the scoreboard belong to Perfectblue (US), LC1BC (Russia) and coconutCoffee (Korea). Top 10 also has the present of 5 teams from Vietnam.

    • 14:50 UTC Lotas ranking 7th on the scoreboard has successfully solved misc04. This is the legend of Xoan singing.

    • 14:40 UTC Teams following top 10 are trying to improve their ranks. Surprisingly, top 3 CTF Time – dcua has moved up to 15th position. While BabyPhD and Pinoymous from Vietnam are closely with 12th and 13th on the scoreboard.


    • 14:30 UTC Top 10 appears a new name PDKT from Indonesia. The three leading positions on the scoreboard are coconutCoffee, 0penToAll and perfectblue.

    • 14:25 UTC WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – The Qualification Round has passed more than a half duration. At present, there are 655 teams from 78 countries joining, in which 314 teams scored points.

    • 14:15 UTC The survey of the contest is attached in the last challenge release phase. This will help the Organizer receive feedbacks to improve the next contests’ quality.

    • 14:00 UTC The last release with 6 challenges includes: Misc04; Web04; Pwn03; Re03; Re07; Re08. We are waiting for discovering the next legends hidden in challenges.

    • 13:45 UTC dcua – 3rd rank on CTF rating takes the 21st of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 scoreboard. The remaining of the contest will be very attractive because the time zone in Europe and in America is being on the day.

    • 13:35 UTC web02 was arranged for the first release phase but over 12 hours, there is only 0daysober solved. Web02 is the legend of The Mother Goddesses of Three Realms that presents one of Vietnamese beliefs.

    • 13:25 UTC 0daysober from Congo is the first team that successfully solved web02 – a difficult challenge given by the Organizer.

    • 13:12 UTC: New hint for misc 03 already released.

    • 13:00 UTC On the top of the scoreboard is quietly, other teams following behind are trying to solve each challenge and improve their ranks.

    • 12:45 UTC The support team is receiving and solving questions from teams. On Slack channel, teams sometimes ask in many different ways to get the answer from the Organizer.
      The support team is working continuously during the past 11 hours

    • 12:30 UTC About half time of the contest has already passed. There is still last release of challenges. Scoreboard ranks are temporally and no one can be sure the final result. The opportunity to qualify to top 10 in the final round is equal among all teams.

    • 12:15 UTC In the top 10 teams are leading the scoreboard: 4 teams from South Korea, 2 from USA and 3 from Vietnam.

    • 12:00 UTC Top 10 of the scoreboard appears the return of acivii (South Korea) and a new team Lotus from Vietnam

    • 11:40 UTC There are 285 teams from 53 countries around the world in the scoreboard.

      Among the solved challenges, it is Re01 - the legend of God Giong to be most successfully solved with 40 teams, followed by Re06 with 25 teams and Web01 with 23 teams respectively. CoconutCoffee is the first team to successfully submit all the 3 challenges. Therefore, CoconutCoffee has been added 30 points.

    • 11:30 UTC Currently, there is no change in Top 10 ranking. Based on the time zone, it is evening in Asian countries, afternoon in European countries and morning in the America. It seems that time difference will make many changes in the scoreboard with the rise of European and American countries.

      Among the released challenges, 2 challenges remain unsolved which are Misc03 and Web03. LC1BC is the first and only team to successfully solve Crypto01 which opens the legend of betel and areca.

    • 11:00 UTC In less than 10 minutes, CoconutCoffee (Korea) regained the leading position from 0penToAll (Vietnam) after solving Pwn02.

      During this period, Injocker10K from Vietnam and PDKT (Indonesia) has ranked at 7th and 9th place respectively.

    • 10:50 UTC After successfully solving Web03, 0penToAll gained the first rank. CoconutCoffee is now at the 2nd place.
      Web03 opens the legend of Doan Ngo Festival.

    • 10:40 UTC Swayyim (South Korea) has taken the 4th place from ACEBEAR (Viet Nam). Another team from South Korea- ADIGIMONDEVICE has just returned to Top 10 after successfully solving Pwn02, opening the tale of Watermelon.

      There are 276 teams from 50 countries in the scoreboard.

    • 10:15 UTC There are many changes at Top 10 ranking. ACEBEAR (Viet Nam) has achieved the 5th place after successful submission of Re05, discovering the legend about the new rice festival of Tay ethnic group. LC1BC (Russia), Top 6 on CTFTime ranking, has gained the 6th position. And another new name in the current Top 10 is whitzard from China.

    • 10:00 UTC One third of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 competition has taken place with 582 teams from 76 countries. The number of teams and countries in 2018 are much more than WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017 (500 teams from 52 countries around the world).

      12 challenges from the total of 18 ones have been released and the Organizer continues to support the teams via the following channels:

      + Slack: https://whitehatgrandprix2018.slack.com , invite link: https://goo.gl/8UE44z

      + Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whitehatvn

      + Twitter: Twitter.com/WhiteHatvn

      + Forum: https://forum.whitehatvn.com/

    • 9:45 UTC dcua (Ukraine), Top 3 on CTFTime ranking, has successfully solved Re01.

    • 9:30 UTC ADIGIMONDEVICE (South Korea) and f1a (Viet Nam) appear at the 7th place and 8th place respectively. WreckTheLine (India) has also returned to the Top 10. Meanwhile, there is no change of Top 5.

    • 9:15 UTC Not long afterwards, Swayyim (South Korea) solved Re05, taking the 4th place from ACEBEAR.

      WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 currently has 260 teams from 47 countries in the scoreboard. The 5 leading teams are 2 teams Vietnam, 2 Korean teams and 1 US team.

    • 9:10 UTC 2 Vietnamese teams - 0penToAll and ACEBEAR - have gained the 3rd and 4th place. By successfully solving Pwn02, 0penToAll has opened the legend of Mai An Tiem – the tale of Watermelon

    • 8:50 UTC After 15 minutes of losing the first place, coconutCoffee has achieved this position after successfully solving Re06. coconutCoffee has almost monopolized the first rank in the past 4 hours of competition. Through Re06, coconutCoffee is discovering the legend of "Hung Kings' teaching of rice cultivation to people"

    • 8:35 UTC Pwndevils is in the first rank after the successful submission of Re05, opening the legend about the new rice festival of Tay ethnic group

    • 8:20 UTC ACEBEAR (Viet Nam) has risen to the 4th place. Another team from Viet Nam - ISITDTU appears at Top 9.

      10 leading teams include 4 Vietnamese teams (0penToAll, ACEBEAR, Pinoymous and ISITDTU), 3 Korean teams (coconutCoffee, Swayyim and acivii), 2 US teams (pwndevils and perfectblue) and 1 from Venezuela (H25HVMM).

    • 8:00 UTC The organizer has just released 6 challenges in the categories of web, crypto, pwn, re and misc.

      There are 547 teams participating in WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018, including 147 teams from Vietnam and 400 international teams.

    • 7:40 UTC While 2 leading teams still hold their position, other teams are fiercely competing for better ranking. As soon as OpentoAll (Vietnam) rose to the 3rd position, Swayyim (Korea) immediately responded by successfully submission of Misc02 and regaining Top 3. H25HVMM from Venezuela also entered the Top 10 after successfully solving Re04.

    • 7:30 UTC There are 230 teams in the scoreboard. Top 10 ranking has not changed yet and pwndevils (US) has just increased its score after the successful submission of Re04.

    • 7:05 UTC ACEBEAR from Viet Nam has successfully won the Pwn01 and rose to the 10th position. The team solved 3 out of 7 challenges. ACEBEAR is also an acquaintance when the team ranked Top 4 of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017.

    • 6:50 UTC coconutCoffee consolidates its leading position by solving Misc02, increasing the gap with other teams. The Organizer is going to release 6 new challenges in 1 hour.

      Currently, there are 520 teams joining WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 and 210 teams have been listed on the scoreboard. WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017 had 329 teams from 51 countries and territories around the world with the same period last year.

    • 6:30 UTC Not long afterwards, pwndevils (US) successfully solved Misc02, replacing the second position of team avicii from South Korea.

      Of the 6 released challenges and 1 Welcome, only one remains unsolved. In the top 10 of the scoreboard, there are 4 South Korean teams, 2 US teams, 2 Vietnamese teams, 1 Indian team and 1 Indonesian team.

    • 6:00 UTC: coconutCoffee (Korea) has successfully solved Re04 and simultaneously opened a new legend of Chung cake and Day cake - the indispensable dishes in Vietnamese’s family altars every Tet holiday. Currently, its score is double the score of BabyPhD from Vietnam.

    • View the Scoreboard of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 at https://grandprix.whitehatvn.com/ScoreBoard.html

    • 5:35 UTC: One more legend (Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh) has been opened thanks to successful submission of coconutCoffee (Korea). They are on Top with 1230 point.


    • 5:20 UTC: BabyPhD is an 'acquaintance' of WhiteHat Grand Prix contests. They are Top 3 final of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2016 under the topic of Discovering Vietnam. Top 10 also has the present of Top 3 CTFTime dcua from Ukraine.
      The time of the contest is still long, so let's wait interesting happenings.

    • 5:00 UTC: 3 hours passed, BabyPhD from Vietnam suddenly risen up to Top 1 of the ScoreBoard. Therefore, the positions of the Score Board also change. Following Vietnamese team are WreckTheLine (Idia) and coconutCoffee (Korea).
      BabyPhD has submitted successfully challenge Misc02, opening a new legend Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung:
      Full content of the legend:
      [Chu Dong Tu is one of Four Immortals (along with Son Tinh, Thanh Giong and Princess Lieu Hanh) under the Vietnamese’s belief. Through the beautiful love story between Chu Dong Tu and Princess Tien Dung, the legend represented the desire for freedom of love and happy marriage, the dream of a prosperous life and a developed society.

      Chu Dong Tu lived in Chu Xa village. He and his father were so poor that they only had one loincloth which they took turns wearing. After his father's death, Chu Dong Tu left the loincloth buried with his old father with no garment, the poor boy had to go fishing at night. During the day he sold his catch to the people from the boats passing along the river while let his body immersed in the water up to his waist. One day, Princess Tien Dung who was blessed with truly divine beauty, with a large number of servants and guards rowed a boat for sightseeing. When Chu Dong Tu heard the sound of gongs and drums and saw many servants, he became frightened and quickly dug a hole in the sand to cover himself. Taking a liking to the picturesque surroundings, the princess expressed a desire to bathe there. Coincidentally, the spot she chose to bathe in was exactly where Chu Dong Tu was hiding. After knowing the reason and recognizing how only fate could have allowed their paths to cross each other, Tien Dung decided to marry him. Fearing her father’s anger, Tien Dung did not return the palace and settled with her husband in Ha Tham. They held a market and earned a living by trading. The market has gradually expanded with large streets and foreign merchants. Chu Dong Tu met a Buddhist priest named Phat Quang. He was initiated into the secrets of Buddhist path. Besides, he was given a stick and a miracle hat. After that, he shared things he learned from the monk to his wife. The couple left the village and looked for a deserted place to stay. Thanks to the hat and the magic stick, they had a splendid palace with many soldiers. The news spread to the king. He thought that they were rioting and sent soldiers to destroy his daughter’s kingdom. When the soldiers came to the place, the palace with Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung had risen into the air and disappeared, found a marshy pond and a sandy beach instead. The pond received the name of Nhat Da swamp, the beach was called Tu Nhien shore. After that, a memorial house was built right on the beach.]

    • 4:50 UTC: The number of teams on Score Board has been increasing every minutes. Top 3 belongs to 3 Koreans teams.
      The Supporting Team is always willing to support all participating teams of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 :D :D :D

    • How are scores calculated in the Qualification Round?
      1. Point = 500 – (number of teams solved chall)*10 (500>=Point>=100)
      2. Firstblood = 10 (Bonus points for the first team solves)
      3. Unless stated otherwise, flag will be in form of WhiteHat{SHA1(this_is_a_flag)}
      4. Top 10 teams qualified in the Final round shall send the Organizer write-ups for the challenges they solved.
      5. The top ten teams from the online qualifier will be invited to compete in the onsite Final Round held in Hanoi, Vietnam in October. All travel expenses, accommodation fees and a tour of 10 teams for the Final Round will be covered by the Organizer, 4 members for minimum each team.
      6. How to choose 10 teams qualified in the Final Round:
      - Based on the highest ranks on the scoreboard.
      - Each country/territory has only maximum 3 teams to participate (with the highest points).
      - The registration of country flags will be checked before the final round. One team is considered as valid if it has at least a member to be a citizen of that country/territory
      7. Support channels: Slack: https://goo.gl/8UE44z

      Fb: https://www.facebook.com/whitehatvn

    • 4:00 UTC: Top 5 on the Score Board now:
      2 teams from Korea, coconutCoffee and ADIGIMONDEVICE, are leading. Following teams are WreckTheLine (India), Spaceballs (United States) and 0x00sec (United States).
      The number of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 is less than others years', with only 18 challenges.

    • 3:40 UTC: Some information about WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018:
      WhiteHat Grand Prix, a Capture The Flag competition, is held annually by WhiteHatVN.com, leading cyber security forum in Vietnam.

      WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 contains 2 rounds.
      - The Qualification round starts on August 18th 2018.
      - The Final round will be held in Hanoi on Mid-October.

      Top 10 teams which lead scoreboard in the qualification round will participate the final round in October, Hanoi, Vietnam

      All travel expenses, accommodation fees and a tour of 10 teams for the final round will be covered by the Organizer.

    • 3:30 UTC: coconutCoffee is on Top. They come from Korea and this is the first time they have participated in a WhiteHat Grand Prix Contest. They seem to be a formidable opponent, but, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating'. Wait and see, guy! ^^
      The Top 10 on ScoreBoard now:

    • 3:00 UTC: 1 hour has passed and the contest is getting interesting and thorny with more and more teams taking part in. The score board records 128 teams getting point and we can see familiar names such as Shellphish, dcua, BabyPhD and so on.

    • 2:41 UTC: coconutCoffee again, they have submitted flag for challege Re01 to get 500 point more, opening a new legend 'Thanh Giong'. They are on the Top of the Scoreboard, following by Spaceballs from United States.
      [Thanh Giong (God Gióng) is one of the four immortal saints in Vietnam, along with Son Tinh, Chu Dong Tu and Mau Lieu Hanh. Thanh Giong symbolizes the spirit of fighting against invaders and the strength of unity.

      In Hung King VI, there was a husband and a wife who were hardworking and kind but had no children. One day, the wife went to work and saw a huge footprint, she tried to put her feet on it. Then she had 12-month pregnant and gave birth. Her son was handsome, but he did not say anything or laugh at all, although he was 3 years old.

      When the country was invaded, the King Hung looked for talents to save the country. At that time, the three-years-old boy said his first words about fighting against invaders. He asked the king to give him an iron horse, an iron rod and an iron armor. He said to his mother: "Please do not worry about the invaders, but please feed me a lot!" The mom cooked rice for Giong to eat, pot by pot, after each pot, Giong grew up a little more. Neighbors donate rice, cloth for Giong. After eating all the food, Giong turned into a hero, wearing armor, riding iron horses, iron rods and rushed to the battle to kill the invaders. The iron rod was broken during the fight. The hero took the bamboo along the road to make weapons. When the country was in peace, the hero flied to the sky. The King called Giong as Phu Dong Thien Vuong (Phù Đổng sky king) and built a temple at his hometown.]

    • 2:30 UTC: Congratulate to coconutCoffee from Korea to be the first team getting 500 point for the first challege Web01. But this point will not fix, but change according to the number of teams submitting successfully the challenge. Now the scoreboard has 101 teams getting score.

    • 2:10 UTC: All issues arising during the contest could be supported via

    • 2:00 UTC: The Qualification Round of the cyber security contest WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 under the topic ‘Legends of Vietnam’ officially starts.
      hackstreetboys is the first team submitting successfully Welcome challenge to get 10 first point and receiving 10 gifted point. Many teams also start their race with very first points, too.

    • August 18th, the Qualification Round of the cyber security contest WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 under the topic ‘Legends of Vietnam’ officially takes place on WhiteHatVN.com. Details of the event is reported directly on this thread.

      Time: From 2:00 on August 18 th 2018 to 2:00 on August 19th 2018 (UTC)

      Format : Online CTF - Jeopardy at WhiteHatVN.com with the contents of: Reverse engineering, Web Security, Cryptography, Pwnable, Misc.

      Challenges created by : BTeam, Nightstorm, PSA, ReUTD, Viettel, Zepto

      Participants : Groups and individuals from countries and territories all over the world

      Channels of support and information update: The Organize has established the following channels to support teams during the Contest, and to help teams update all information related to the contest as soon as possible:

      + Slack (supporting all issues arising during the contest): https://whitehatgrandprix2018.slack.com, channel: #whitehatgrandprix2018

      + Twitter: Twitter.com/WhiteHatvn

      + Forum: WhiteHatVN.com

      If participants need more assistance, please contact via Slack or email us at [email protected].


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