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  • WhiteHat Summer Contest 2017 report

    02:00 WhiteHat Summer Contest 2017 has just finished with 217 (Taiwan), sellatruong (Vietnam) and BabyPhD (Vietnam) ranking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd . The official result will be announced on May 29, 2017.

    Top 10:
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Name:	19_contest..jpg
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ID:	109504

    01:40 In Top 5, MeePwn and 217 has just got new score. The leader 217 has only 1 challenge unsolved.
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Name:	18_contest..jpg
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ID:	109495

    01:00UTC 1 hour left, Top 5 remain the same.

    12:00UTC 2 hours left, Top 5 are:
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Name:	16_contest..jpg
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ID:	109456

    11:30UTC 217 from Taiwan is now 400 points ahead BabyPhD from Vietnam although both team have submitted successfully 21/24 flags. There is 2,5 hours left for the race. Can we expect any big chances in the scoreboard?
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ID:	109448

    Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam is 1 of The New 7 Wonders of nature
    (Source: Internet)

    10:00UTC The last two challenges Cua Lo (Re100) and Sam Son (Re100) has been opened for the teams.
    Only 5 hours later the WhiteHat Summer Contest will finish. At the present time, the gap between the teams in Top 10 is huge, about 2,000 points.

    Top 10:
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ID:	109392

    07:20UTC Top 5 are:
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Name:	15_contest..jpg
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ID:	109354

    06:00UTC 3 new challenges have just been released.
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Name:	14_contest..jpg
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ID:	109323

    4:20UTC 217 and BabyPhD keep their 2 leading position on the ScoreBoard by submiting Cua Dai beach challenge. The Organizer records 86 teams scoring.
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Name:	bien-hoi-an-2.jpg
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ID:	109283

    3:20UTC 217 raises its ranking to the 1st position on the ScoreBoard.
    Top 5:
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ID:	109258

    3:00UTC The Organizer opens 2 challenges Web 100 (Cua Dai) and Pwn100 (Quan Lan).

    2:50UTC 217
    is the first team successfully submiting challenge Phu Quoc. With 400 points scored, 217 raises its total points to 2300 and rises to 2nd position, replacing MeePwn with 2200 points.
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Name:	10.jpg
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ID:	109245

    02:00UTC Whitehat Summer Contest 2017 has half time left. Phu Quoc is the only challenge that has not been submitted successfully. The 1st BabyPhD has 2.350 points now.
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Name:	13_contest..jpg
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ID:	109231

    01:15UTC 217 from Taiwan tries to catch up with the 2 leading teams BabyPhD and MeePown. The current score of 217 is 1,700 points.
    There are 71 teams having scored in WhiteHat Summer Contest now.

    12:00UTC BabyPhD has just become the 1st on the scoreboard. The team submits successfully 2 challenges My Khe and Hue, having 2.100 points now.

    3 new challenges has just been released. Top 10 are:
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Name:	10_contest..jpg
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ID:	109176

    11:00UTC BabyPhD is trying to fill the gap with the leading MeePwn. The team has just won 350 points. In Top 3, 217 (Taiwan) has 1,200 points and dcua (Ukraine) has 1,100.
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Name:	DaLat.jpg
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ID:	110208

    Da Lat, Viet Nam

    10:20UTC MeePwn strengthens its leading position with 1,800 points. The 2nd - BabyPhD has 1,150 points.
    Top 5 are:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	08_contest..jpg
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ID:	109134

    9:30UTC dcua and 217 have successfully submitted Ho Coc and Da Lat, raising their total points and rankings respectively, 900 – 3rd position and 600 – 7th position.
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Name:	09.jpg
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ID:	109116

    9:00UTC: The Organizer of WhiteHat Summer Contest has opened 3 challenges including Hue (For200), My Khe (Miscs200) and Da Lat (Pwn100).
    The thrilling chase between the Top 3 also from Vietnam makes the Contest more stressful than ever. In the past 1 hour, with 3 consecutive submissions for challenges Tuy Hoa, Da Nang and Lang Co, MeePwn has moved up to the 1st position. The total score of the Top 1 is 1200. BabyPhD solves Pwn100 (Ho Coc temporarily down to 2nd position with 1150 points.
    The next positions in the Top 10 do not change much in the score.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	kinh-thanh-hue-webdulichhue2.jpg
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ID:	109111

    Hue, Viet Nam

    8:00UTC: ¼ Contest’s time has passed, the Organizer of WhiteHat Summer Contest records 50 teams participated and scored on ScoreBoard. At present, ScoreBoard’s score continuous change. Top 3 including BabyPhD, sellatruong and MeePwn from Vietnam continuously submit successful challenges and raise their total points.

    The Top 10 welcomed the arrival of the current champion WhiteHat Grand Prix in 2 continuous years - 217 from Taiwan is in 8th position. Here are the top 10 of the Contest.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	08.jpg
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ID:	109087

    7:20UTC: Top 2 including BabyPhD and sellatruong have successfully solved Da Nhay challenge, raising total points to 850 and 650. dcua has also increased its ranking to 3rd position, after successfully completing Cat Ba challenge, total point of 500.
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Name:	07.jpg
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ID:	109070

    7:00UTC: Notice from the Organizer: In Da Nhay, the answer in Linux is different from Windows. Please, try to run in Windows. Incase you only use Linux, please contact for support.

    6:20UTC: Top 9 on the ScoreBoard - iAskedJeeves - is the first team solving successfully Da Nhay challenge, raising total point to 300, making the opentoall down one rank.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	06.jpg
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ID:	109050

    6:15UTC: More than 4 hours of the WhiteHat Summer Contest has passed, the Organizer records 30 teams scored on the Scoreboard. Here are the Top 10 of the match up to date.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	05.jpg
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ID:	109038

    6:00UTC: Another 3 challenges including Tuy Hoa, Da Nang and Ba Na are opened.
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Name:	danang.jpg
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ID:	109035

    Da Nang City

    5:45UTC: MeePwn (Vietnam) has just reached the 3rd position by solving successfully Con Dao challenge, getting 400 point, following BabyPhD and SellaTruong. MeePwn was the championship of WhiteHat Challenge 03 at the end of April on

    5:00UTC: Here is Top 5 of WhiteHat Summer Contest:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	04.jpg
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ID:	109003

    Click image for larger version

Name:	dc_150916_mui ne 2 (1).jpg
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ID:	109004

    Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam

    4:30UTC: SellaTruong from Vietnam has just reached 2nd position, with 350 points, same point with BabyPhD at Top 1. There are currently 20/367 teams on the ScoreBoard. The Top 7 on CTF Time – dcua has also started the game with the first 100 points.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	03..jpg
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ID:	108994

    4:00UTC: The organizer has launched 3 new challenges, including Quang Ngai, Lang Co and Ho Coc belonging to Forensic, Reverve and Pwn.

    3:50UTC: 4/6 challenges were conquered including Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Cat Ba and Dai Lai. BabyPhD from Vietnam rises to the top of the Scoreboard with 300 points. The second and third positions are respectively TheNorthernCoalition from Canada and opentoall from the United States.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Dailailake (1).jpg
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ID:	108978

    Dai Lai Lake, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam

    3:20UTC: The Scoreboard records 11 teams scored. The Top 3 has the present of BabyPhD – the 3rd award of Whitehat Grand Prix 2016, the 3rd award of WhiteHat Contest 12.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	02.jpg
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ID:	108964

    3:00UTC: Challenge Cat Ba Island has been successfully solved by the team from Canada - TheNorthernCoalition. The team wins 200 points and také the lead on the Whitehats Summer Contest 2017.

    2:35UTC: The scoreboard adds 2 new members, NightSt0rm (Vietnam) and Opentoall (USA). Both teams won the first 100 points with Dai Lai Lake challenge (For100). NightSt0rm is a familiar name in the Top 3 through WhiteHat Challenge 1 and 2.

    02:22UTC: DTC from Vietnam has been the very first team scoring 100 points by solving successfully Dai Lai Lake challenge.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	01.jpg
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ID:	108944

    02:00UTC: WhiteHat Summer Contest officially starts. According to the Organizer, the Contest’s challenges belong to Web Vuln, Reverse, Pwnable, Forensics, Crypto and Misc, opened during the 24-hour competition.
    The first six challenges opened include Web150, Crypto200, For100, Misc100, Pwn100 and Re200.
    At present of time, system acknowledges 256 teams from 36 countries as England, USA, Korea and so on.
    Mr. Nguyen Huu Cuong, the Head of Organizer of WhiteHat Summer Contest, said: “In order to create a interesting playground for the young people, we choose the summer theme for the WhiteHat Contest. Besides solving challenges, the teams can relax with Vietnam's famous holiday destinations”.

    WhiteHatVN Forum Admin Team is pleased to announce the latest cyber security contest: WhiteHat Summer Contest 2017
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Anh bai dang_600.jpg
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Size:	35.3 KB
ID:	103880

    • 1st Prize: 30 million VND (appx. 1,320 USD)
    • 2nd Prize: 5 million VND (appx. 220 USD)
    • 3rd Prize: 3 million VND (appx. 132 USD)
    Format: Participating in team, the number of members is not limited

    Time: 02:00 UTC Saturday May 27th 2017 - 02:00 UTC Sunday May 28th 2017

    Login address:

    Support channel: IRC:, channel: summercontest2017

    Information update channel:

    + Twitter:
    + Forum:

    Contents: CTF Jeopardy including Reverse, Pwnable, Web, Crypto, Forensic

    From now, forum members, visitors and cyber security lovers can prepare your knowledge, information and experience in cyber security to participate in WhiteHat Summer Contest 2017 at

    Issues related to the contest can be discussed at this topic.

    We hope teams get useful knowledge and top prizes.


    WhiteHatVN Forum Admin Team
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