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    General regulations

    Strictly prohibit any destructive attack targeting the scoring server or other entities not included in the challenge requirements, DOS/DDOS infrastructure or preventing the performance of other teams.

    Strictly prohibit sharing flags with other teams.

    Unless stated otherwise, Flag will be in the form of WhiteHat{this_is_a_flag}.

    On detecting any problems with the challenges, teams should inform the Organizer immediately.

    Strictly comply with the rules and regulations of WGP. Any violation, depending on its severity, will be warned, penalized or disqualified from the competition. Decisions of the Organizer are final decisions.

    The Qualification Round:

    There might be hints for the challenges, depending on the performance of teams.

    In case teams achieve the same score, the ranking will be prioritized to the team that submits sooner.

    The Final Round:

    Each team can have 5 members at maximum.

    Teams are allowed to use laptops.

    Teams can only use connections (Internet, LAN) provided by the Organizer.

    Devices connected to the challenge system are prohibited from using their own Internet connections in any form.

    Internet access for each team will be provided by The Organizer.

    Strictly prohibit sharing the challenge contents with players who are not registered as members of the team.

    Allow sharing information among members of a team through services provided by the Organizer. Strictly prohibit using phones, forms of Chat, VoIP, Conference, Email, Social Network etc. not provided by the Organizer.

    Strictly prohibit the use of wine, beer, cigarrette at any time during the challenge.

    Strictly prohibit disruptive behaviors that can negatively affect the competition.

    Travel and accommodation: Teams will make travel arrangements at their own expenses. The Organizer will support each participant with accommodation fees, including 2 nights at hotel and 1,000,000 VND as living expenses during the time in Vietnam.

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