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The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix – Global challenge 2015

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  • The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix – Global challenge 2015

    2:00 October 25th (UTC) The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix – Global challenge 2015 is officially finishes after 24 hours of thorny and interesting competition by 467 teams from 67 countries. PPP from United States has expressed its 1st position on the CTFTime by keeping its leading position in the major of competing time. At the end, PPP becomes the champion for the Qualification round.

    The Organizer will check and announce officially Top 10 to the Final Round in complying with the Competition’s rule. Here are Top 15 on the Score Board of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015:

    Top 15 on the Score Board:

    In 10 minutes remaining of the Qualification Round, PPP and Samurai continue submitting the answer for the specific challenge. With 10% of total score, Viet Nam challenge makes the Score Board change much.

    Only 25 minutes left, Shellphish has just submitted continuously for the challenge My Son – Re250 and the special challenge Vietnam. This is the first team submitting the answer for the special challenge. Shellphish is still in the 4th place but its distance with the 3rd BabyPhD is only 5 points.

    1:15 October 25th (UTC) There is only one challenge Da Nang - Crypto400 unsolved, the Organizer has given hints for this challenge.

    0:45 October 25th (UTC) The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015 will finish in only 1 hour. In accordance with the Rules, 10 teams to the Final Round will be chosen by score top-down; in which each country is allowed to have a maximum of 2 teams. Currently, Samurai has changed its nation from United States to Canada.

    Top 10 on the Score Board:

    19:00 (UTC) PPP stays at the 1st position of the Score Board following by RoadToTome and BabyPhD with the same point 4,000. Other positions do not have much change.

    18:16 (UTC) The last two challenges have been opened: My Son – Re250 and Phu Quoc – Web300.

    17:54 (UTC) The 2nd and 3rd positions have the change between BabyPhD and RoadToRome. Solving successfully Ha Noi – Re100 challenge, RoadToRome scores 100 points, increasing its total score to 4,000 and raising up to 2nd position.

    17:37 (UTC) Dragon Sector, the 2nd team on the CTFTime, has started the competition from about 11:00. Within only 6 hours, it has registered to Top 10 of the Score Board.

    17:22 (UTC) PPP has solved successfully Buon Ma Thuot – Crypto200, scoring more 200. Now its total score is 4,100.

    Nearly 2/3 time of the Qualification Round pasts, 23/26 chanllenges have been opened. 3 leading positions belong to PPP, RoadToRome and BabyPhD. Top 15 on the Score Board:

    16:30 (UTC) By successfully solving the challenge Vung Tau – Pwn500, PPP scored more 500 points and returned the 1st place with 3900 points.

    Top 10 on the Score Board:

    16:00 (UTC) Still RoadToRome, PPP and BabyPhD are Top 3 on the Score Board, and RoadToRome has widened the distance with the 2nd by successfully solving the challenge Sapa – For150. 23/26 challenges of the Qualification Round have been released.

    15:00 (UTC) PPP has just been pushed down to the 2nd place after hours in the top. RoadToRome from Vietnam has solved successfully the highest-score challenge of Vung Tau – Pwn500 and become the 1st. How long does the short distance of 50 points remain?

    13:55 (UTC) Top 3 of the Score Board are PPP with 3400 points, RoadToRome and BabyPhD with the same score of 2550. Top 10 are teams from Vietnam, the US, Taiwan, Poland and South Korea.

    12:55 (UTC) The Organizer of WhiteHat Grand Prix has released more 3 challenges of Vung Tau – Pwn500, Hanoi – Re400 and Mui Ne – Web200. These challenges of high points promise a dramatic change in the Score Board.

    11:40 (UTC) PPP has completed 16/26 challenges, scoring 3,200 points. The Top 5 has the appearance of Avenger from Vietnam. Up to now, 80 teams get points.

    10:45 (UTC) PPP continues to show its capability as solving successfully 2 challenges Ha Long – Re300 and Bac Ninh – Pown300. Its total score is 2,350, distancing RoadToRome with the gap of 450 points.

    One member of the Technical support team says: “A half of the Qualification Round is still, but the teams’ score will change much. However, the Score Board also reflects partly the situation with the appearance of CTFTime’s key teams in Top 10”.

    The current Top 10:

    10:15 (UTC) 2 teams from Vietnam RoadToRome and BabyPhD alternate to take the 2nd and 3rd position in the Score Board.

    9:45 (UTC) Ho Chi Minh – Web150 challenge has just been solved for the first time. With 150 points scored from this challenge, BabyPhD continues to follow closely the 1st team PPP with the gap of 50 points. The specific challenge of Viet Nam has not been solved yet.

    PPP successfully solved Tam Dao – Crypto 250 challenge, taking back the 1st place from RoadToRome. For the time being, 217 also achieved the 5th position. Together with PPP, Shellphish, Samurai, and 217 are in Top 10 on CTFTime.

    RoadToRome has made an excellent race, successfully solving 2 challenges to score 400 points. RoadToRome now gets 1,350 points, 150 points more than the 2nd place BabyPhD.

    8:45 (UTC) Top 5 of the Score Board are teams from Vietnam and the United States. Meanwhile, 0x51da and 217 also submitted successfully some challenges and raised their position.

    8:00 (UTC) BabyPhD has just solved successfully Tam Dao – Crypto250 challenge and become the 1st on the Score Board. This is the first team solving this challenge.

    Currently, the Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 has 347 teams, from 61 countries. The number of teams with at least one correct answer is 45.

    7:15 (UTC) The name of top 3 teams remains unchanged, however the points of teams increase continuously. PPP currently has 950 points, BabyPhD of the same 950 points positioning the 2nd place. Shellphish occupies the 3rd place with 900 points. Nearly half of challenges have been opened.

    6:50 (UTC) The team from United States – Shellphish has one more correct answer and raises up to the 1st position. However, only 4 minutes after, PPP immediately takes over the leading position. At the same time, BaybyPhD raises up to 2nd position. Top 5 of the Score Board has change.

    6:15 (UTC) PPP team has raised up to the 2nd position, submitting successfully Ca Mau – For100, Hoi An – Crypto100, Cat Ba – Web250. The current score of this team is 650 – equal to the score of RoadToRome at the 1st position. The Top 10 of the Score Board has changed.

    5:30 (UTC) RoadToRoman continues solve successfully Ca Ba – Web250 challenge, creating the gap 250 points with the 2nd team BabyPhD. The Top 10 of the Qualification is mainly from Vietnam, United States and Japan.

    4:40 (UTC) RoadToRome has got more 100 points by solving successfully Ca Ma – For100 challenge. The specific Viet Nam challenge was opened right after the Qualification Round starting. This challenge values 10% of total current store of the teams.

    4:20 (UCT) There are 23 teams solved successfully Dong Van – Re100 challenge, in which 5 teams give the answer for Da Lat – PWn100 and 2 for Hoi An – Crypto100 and 1 for Can Tho – Web100. The Organizer has opened Cat Ba – Web250 challenge.

    2 hours after the Qualification Round starting, 3 teams RoadToRome, BabyPhD and Shellphish get 300 points, taking the lead of the Score Board. The opened challenges all solved successfully by teams. However, no team finds out the answer for enough 5 challenges. The leading teams are from Vietnam, United States, Ukraine and Japan.

    3:45 (UTC) dcua, BabyPhD and dodododo are following teams successfully submitting the answer for Da Lat – Pwn100 challenge. Now, 4 top teams are getting the same score 200 and 19 teams are registering their name on the Score Board.

    3:21 (UTC) RoadToRome has become the first team giving the correct answer for the 2nd challenge by submitting successfully Hoi An - Crypto100. The number of teams registering the Qualification Round now is 363.

    PPP successfully solved Tam Dao – Crypto 250 challenge, taking back the 1st place from RoadToRome. For the time being, 217 also achieved the 5th position. Together with PPP, Shellphish, samurai, and 217 are in Top 10 on CTFTime.

    PPP - the Top World team (on CTFTime) gets 100 first points, registering its name on the Score Board.

    3:00 (UTC) In the end of the first hour of competing, the Vietnamese teams are prevailing on the Score Board with 9/14 teams getting score. There are no teams giving the answer for the 2nd challenge.

    2:45 (UTC) The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global Challenge 2015, after 45 minutes, appears the Top 5 World - dcua (Ukraine) and the team that has ever attended the WhiteHat Grand Prix 2014 from Vietnam - r2u.

    2:25 (UTC) Two more teams get score at the same challenge Re100. The Score Board of the Qualification Round now has BabyPhD, RoadToRome and dcua.

    During the Qualification Round going, the number of registering teams continuously increases.

    2:00 (UTC) The Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global Challenge 2015 officially starts.

    Only within 15 minutes, BabyPhD - the team from Vietnam has the first correct answer Re100, to be the first member of the Score Board.


    In 15 hours, the Qualification Round of WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015 will start. Up till now, 206 teams from 39 countries have registered for the competition.

    The Round shall be in 24 hours starting from 02:00 Saturday October 24th 2015 to 02:00 Sunday October 25th 2015 (UTC). In addition to the live report on, all information related to the competition shall be updated on Twitter

    About WhiteHat Grand Prix 2015

    WhiteHat Grand Prix - Global challenge 2015 is the first global security information competition organized by Vietnam, with the first prize of 10,000 USD. With the theme "Hello, Vietnam!", the challenge is the chance for security experts all over the world to compete, show off their technics and abilities, and understand more about the country and the people of Vietnam.

    The Qualification Round takes place continuously in 24 hours from 24 to 25 October, online at Teams solve the challenges of Web Exploit, Reverse, Pwnable, Forensics and Crypto. On 19 December, top 10 teams from the Qualification Round from countries all over the world will compete in the Final Round in 8 hours continuously, in the format of Attack/Defense, onsite in Hanoi.
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