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​PVC flooring: environmental protection without formaldehyde

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  • ​PVC flooring: environmental protection without formaldehyde

    Green is the modern people attach great importance to the topic of home environmental protection and family health is closely related to green decoration also attracted attention. Selection is the key to green decoration, 2015 New Items Hollow WPC decking 150x25mm Anti temperature
    many consumers in the selection of links to do a lot of homework, especially the attitude of formaldehyde, it is to be absolutely safe.
    It is understood that formaldehyde (molecular formula: HCHO), also known as Formic aldehyde, is the most simple aldehydes, usually a combustible, colorless and irritant gas. Long-term exposure to low doses of formaldehyde, can cause chronic respiratory disease, where to buy limestone wall cladding in south africa
    adolescent memory and mental decline, nasopharyngeal cancer, colon cancer, brain tumor, menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, neonatal chromosomal abnormalities, leukemia, cell nuclear mutations, and even Resulting in DNA single-stranded cross-linked with the DNA in the protein cross-linking, inhibition of DNA damage repair.12 x 12 deck kits

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