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How to deal with water leakage?

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  • How to deal with water leakage?

    (A) the characteristics of water:
    Water is pervasive, and it through the wind pressure, convection, impact, adhesion, capillary and other forces, and gradually infiltrated the building interior, and the penetration process is not easy to find from the surface. WPC Flower BoxIn other words, to find the cause of leakage must be in-depth "visceral" analysis to determine the right remedy.
    (B) of the water and water vapor pressure changes:
    Water once penetrated into the building inside, in a limited space, such as the sun a sun, generate heat, the formation of water vapor, the water vapor to produce a lot of pressure to destroy the original waterproof layer, outdoor WPC pavilionand even the surface decoration and decoration In other words, a unit of water, if all become water vapor, in the building inside a limited space inside, it has produced a large amount of water, 1240 times the pressure, the pressure of the destructive is too terrible. (So we often find that the waterproof glue is applied on the water - containing foam cement, and soon it will peel off.Solid Composite Wood Flooring

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