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​Wood floor maintenance and cleaning

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  • ​Wood floor maintenance and cleaning

    WPC flooring is made of high-quality wood-plastic board, wood-plastic floor will have a layer of wear-resistant layer, if the wear-resistant layer will be affected if the wear and tear of the floor moisture resistance and brightness. Therefore, the maintenance of wood flooring and cleaning work must be done.
    First of all, we need to note that the time to walk on the floor, complaints against composite decking
    the owner try to wear cloth slippers, barefoot best.
    Secondly, it is best to place the furniture feet are placed on the soft bottom protective pad, so as not to scratch the floor wear layer.
    In addition, when cleaning, be sure not to let the sandpaper,large wooden flower pots
    sander or metal tools to hard things to clean the wood-plastic floor cleaning.
    Once again, the wood-plastic floor cleaning, first with a rag dipped in Taomi Shui directly wipe, also to Taomi Shui evenly sprayed on the wooden floor, and then wait until after 5 to 10 minutes, wipe with a dry cloth , The floor will become a lot cleaner.where to buy synthetic boat decking