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Floor with the ambient temperature and humidity

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  • Floor with the ambient temperature and humidity

    First, control the indoor humidity. When the indoor humidity control in the 50% -70%, the human body is the most suitable humidity range, but also the most suitable for solid wood flooring humidity environment. Only the indoor environment humidity control in this range, Wpc Pergolain order to ensure the original characteristics of solid wood flooring is relatively stable. When the humidity is more than 70%, it is necessary to maintain indoor ventilation or open air to reduce the room and floor humidity; when the humidity is less than 50%, it is necessary to use a wet cloth to wet the floor several times.Wpc Fence
    Second, the anti-sun exposure. Near the balcony or window side of the floor if the long-term direct exposure, there will be cracks, the floor surface of the film will blister, discoloration, or even out. Therefore, in the out or long-term not at home, pay special attention to whether the pull curtains.
    Third, we must always dust. Clean with a broom and a vacuum cleaner, especially if you are stepping on a regular basis.
    Fourth, to select the appropriate water-based wax, but also pay attention to only use one kind of wax goods,Wpc Fence or mixed together may cause chemical reactions, so that the floor sticky dirty.