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​Paint how to deal with taste?

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  • ​Paint how to deal with taste?

    1, buy some pineapple, cut the plate, each room put one or two, so that the room paint taste will soon be absorbed. Pineapple is a crude fiber fruit, both to absorb the paint taste, but also can emit a fragrance of taste, speed up the removal of odor, Outside Wall Paneland spend less, is a good way to three full beauty.
    2, with pots and pans filled with cold water, and then add the appropriate amount of vinegar on the room ventilation, open the furniture doors, so that the amount of moisture evaporation can protect the top wall paint surface, but also eliminate residual odor.WPC Product
    3, put a few pots of flowers in the house, such as cactus, Chlorophytum, Gerbera, rose, ivy, cycads, chrysanthemum,PVC Fence etc., can remove the paint in the room.

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