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​The thicker the quality of flooring products, the better?

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  • ​The thicker the quality of flooring products, the better?

    In fact, the thickness of 8 mm of the floor has reached the international standard thickness. For wood flooring, the thickness is not the standard to determine the quality of the floor, plate and sheet, the surface once worn out can not be used. Therefore, the quality of the surface layer of the floor, largely related to the life of the wooden floor, rather than the thickness of the plate.WPC Outdoor Pavilion
    To wood-plastic floor, for example, to strengthen the wood-plastic flooring are generally composed of four layers of composite materials, from the table and in the wear-resistant layer,Outdoor WPC Product For Sale decorative layer, substrate layer and moisture layer. Wear-resistant layer is added with the wear-resistant surface of aluminum oxide paper impregnated with melamine resin made of wood flooring is to determine the life of a key part.
    Wear-resistant layer to give the wood-plastic floor surface wear, resistance to characterization, resistance to cigarette burning, pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture and other important physical and chemical properties.Wpc Pergola

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