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​Wood floor decoration leftovers how to do?

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  • ​Wood floor decoration leftovers how to do?

    1, extra wood flooring can be spliced into shelves and flower racks
    You can nail the walls of their own balcony on a stainless steel stent, and then put together a few pieces of scrap the floor, on the stand, it becomes the flower pots placed display. You can also put these scraps on the floor after splicing the storage room, so even if there are heavy objects put up, is equivalent to two layers of floor protection, but also nothing serious. This approach also applies to places where drinking fountains,Wpc Fence cut out with the bottom of the size of the fountain and the size of the area is equal to more than a solid wood floor care, pouring, the water will not leak directly to the wood floor
    2, wood flooring trim can be used again pavement
    The standard size of the domestic solid wood flooring is 90 cm, this floor around the shaped interface, commonly known as the lock. Now compare the high-end wooden floor assembly are required to be connected through the lock, if the sawing floor, just before and after the interface are sawed off, then the rest of the middle part of the floor, re-assembled when more trouble, Above and then lay a layer of Blockboard grass-roots level to re-use. If the saw down the floor interface, Best Outdoor WPC Product Supplierand the remaining size of 30 cm or more, because the width of the earthworm is 30 cm, it can be easily re-use.
    Domestic shop flooring, we all like the length of the same standard size, so a waste of large, 100 square meters of solid wood flooring, pavement loss of about 4-7 square meters. But the use of properly, this loss can be less. If those 30 cm above the floor, paved under the bed, so you can use waste laid out 2-3 square meters, if the floor price of 200 yuan per square meter basis, the equivalent of saving 400-600 yuan.PVC Fence

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