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​How to choose wood

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  • ​How to choose wood

    First look at the material. Good solid wood furniture, open the door, drawer, the wood drying, white, clear texture, texture, close, delicate. Look at the components, to carefully examine the force of furniture parts, to ensure that no large knots or cracks; see the sliding drawer and positioning, open all the doors and drawers, to see whether the assembly of the screw fastening joints. Finally look at patterns and scar knot. Solid wood furniture has a natural wood texture, a good solid wood, people from the front to see a pattern, opened the door, PVC Fencethe corresponding location can see the corresponding pattern. Similarly, pure solid wood has a scar on the front of the location, on the other side should also have scars.
    People choose solid wood furniture, Outside Wall Panelto touch the surface is smooth, and then touch the furniture corner and other parts, if there is rough, too thick paint coating and so on, then the processing technology is inferior.
    People choose solid wood furniture, furniture to light pressure on the various points,Best Outdoor WPC Product Supplier such as column angle, drawer or shelf support, etc., testing is stable.

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